Journey to health and well-being

Thank you for joining me in our journey to better health and well-being. Yes our journey, you are not in this alone. Starting a journey can be hard, but if you are starting this journey with someone by your side, it makes it easier to take that first step. I believe in that you find your path when its time to walk it, this is about a journey to better health & well-being through Nutrition, Herbs, Crystals, Angel & Reiki Healing, Sound and Colour therapies.

On this journey, I will post information on crystals, herbs, essential oils, nutrients, exercise and more. I will give you the tools that you need to help your body heal itself. If there are any special requests for information, please contact me and I will do up a blog post with that information for you. I will post at the end of the blogs, where I got my information from and where you can go to get further information on the subject.

This is the dawning on a new you, one that can be balanced in mind/body/spirit. To be in good health you must have a balance between mental, physical, emotional and spiritual you. If any one of these are out of balance, this is the way in which dis-ease or illness can come into your life.

When I mention spiritual life, I am referring to your beliefs. Everyone has different spiritual beliefs and I do not intend to belittle any religion and I work on the basis of calling the spiritual guide that you believe in as the "Universe" or "Universal Spirit". I am not asking you to go against your spiritual beliefs and where possible can point you in a direction that is complementary to your beliefs.

Items for sale on this site are to help you with your journey. I will not say that you have to have a certain item, I will suggest one and it is up to you if you need/want to purchase it. If there are items that you are wanting to purchase that I do not have on this site or in-store, please let me know as I can try to get them in for you.

The information on this site is general advice only and before attempting any change of diet, new exercise program or changes to medications, please consult with your primary health care professional. These recommendations are my own and I am not affiliated with anyone ever. I will also never ask you to ingest essential oils, as I have seen the internal scarring of a friend who did and now, she will talk in a whisper for the rest of her life. Any essential oil uses, I will always ask that they be placed in a carrier oil before use.

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