Quick Crystal A-Z Reference Guide

This is an alphabetical listing to the more general and everyday crystals and is used as a guide to help you choose the crystal that is needed for the healing, protection or general health that you require.  This is general information only and for any medical problems that you may have, please seek your healthcare practitioner.

Agate: Grounding, creates feeling of safe & secure, harmonises positive and negative forces, balances mental, physical & emotional energies, healing & balancing of the aura, helps with spiritual growth & inner stability

Agate Geodes/Caves: Draws in negativity, pain & energy blocks from the body, house, aura or environment

Agate – Apricot: Strengthens bond between parent & child, brings peace of mind & serenity, releases fear & helps with grief, protects and grounds

Agate – Blue: Promotes creativity, helps with problem solving, gives a sense of security, softens stubbornness

Agate – Blue Lace: Calms & enhances relaxation, helps express thoughts, helps reduce anger & frustration, clears the throat Chakra, helps with spiritual communication, enhances creativity

Agate – Botswana: Brings comfort from loneliness, helps stimulate conception, brings luck and abundance, helps promote self-worth and inner stability, protection when traveling

Agate – Crazy Lace: Supports & encourages optimism, stimulates mind & attitude, balances mental, physical & emotional energies, brings joy to wearer

Agate - Fire: Grounds, protects, forms a shield around aura, promotes assertiveness, increases passion, emotions & courage to take risks to fulfil dreams, protects home & family

Agate - Green: Boosts ego & self-esteem, improves concentration & brain functions, useful in solving disputes

Agate - Moss: Protection, soothes emotions, reduces environmental pollutants, balances emotional, physical or mental energies, helps ground energies, reduces sensitivity to weather

Agate – Orange: Brings mental, physical & emotional balance, soothes & calms the mind, balances yin & yang energy, builds self-confidence -assurance -belief, stabilises & cleanses the aura

Agate – Pink: Heals old pains, heartaches & despair, calms, comforts & provides security, eases stress & anxiety, promotes positive self-image & self-love

Agate – Purple: Helps with communication, heals the crown Chakra, helps with dreams & intuition, clears the mind and helps with meditation

Agate – Snakeskin: Strengthens base & sacral Chakras, relieves worry & depression, protection during travel, including Astral travel, helps let go of past & enjoy the now

Agate – Tree: Deepens your connection to earth, creates peaceful environment, enhances strength & perseverance, helps you face karmic lessons, encourages positive self-worth & self-esteem

Agate – White: Protects children from bad dreams, helps relieve morning sickness during pregnancy, helps relieve stress and promotes decision making, helps clear blockages from your life path, helps repel evil thoughts from others, protects against negativity.

Amazonite: Reduces worries & fears, removes negative energies, removes electromagnetic pollution, calms the mind, helps communicate true thoughts & feelings, helps overcome loneliness,

Amber: Protection, absorbs negative energies, cleanses & reactivates Chakras, encourages wisdom, helps remove pain & tension from mind, body & spirit

Amethyst: Dispels anger & anxiety, increases intuition, balances emotions, aids spirituality & meditation, brings tranquillity and peace, blocks negative environmental energies, enhances memory & motivation, protects from psychic attacks or ill-will, helps with purification & regeneration, protects from nightmares.

Amethyst – Woodsmoke: Combined Amethyst & Smokey Quartz naturally; helps clear negative energy, promotes purification & healing, helps restore sleep and maintain balance, protects from psychic attacks & negativity, grounds not just the physical body but also the aura as well

Ametrine: Combined Amethyst & Citrine – a stone of transformation & change, clears blocked solar plexus chakra, helps with decision making, helps go deeper into mediations and give clarity to issues and problems, relieves stress & tension.

Ammonite Fossil: 65-240 million years old, most widely known fossil on earth, named after Greek God Ammon, part of the cephalopod family with octopus, squid & cuttlefish

Amulet Stone: Helps you connect to the earth, increases vitality and stamina, forms a protective barrier around the aura to ward off negative energies & bad dreams, brings good luck, healing & grounding stone

Angelite: Helps with Angelic communication, assists in expanding spiritual awareness, encourages clear thoughts and serenity, can be used as an anchor talisman for spirit guides, soothes fear, anxiety and trauma, gives a carefree feeling

Anthracite (Coal): Brittle and almost free of impurities and found 200+ metres below surface. It helps to cleanse and detox the body, mind and spirit, helps with grounding, helps to fulfil goals.

Apophyllite: calms, removes negative thought patterns, releases stress, tension & anxiety, helps with decision making, helps with spiritual awakening and contacting spirit guides, clears crown Chakra

Aquamarine: enhances peace, purifies calms & balances emotions, helps overcome fear of public speaking, promotes moderation & being responsible for your actions, helps to banish fears & phobias, shields aura from negative vibrations

Aragonite: Centres & grounds physical energies, used in meditation & spiritual development, aids concentration, brings tolerance & flexibility, teaches acceptance & patience, provides strength & support, help combat anger & emotional stress, helps balance male & female

Arfvedsonite: Brings spiritual growth & energy, helps to organise & structure your life, helps with depression & anxiety, releases energy blockages in your aura, helps with spiritual mediations & workings

Atlantisite: Helps find inner peace, stabilises moods, helps with meditation, enhance sense of security, promote a relaxed attitude, strengthens feelings of love & compassion for others

Aura Quartz – Angel: Silver & Platinum Bonded Quartz; brings calm, quiet confidence & inner peace, connects to higher energies

Aura Quartz – Apple: Nickel Bonded Quartz; Protects from energy vampires, aids memory & body balance, good for spleen & immune systems

Aura Quartz - Aqua: 24ct Gold Bonded Quartz; amplify energy, clarity of mind, aids communication & truth speaking, connection to higher self

Aura Quartz – Black: Promotes self-esteem, self-knowledge and stimulates creativity, transforms negative energy into positive. Often used for astral projection, dreamwork, shamanic journeying, and rebirthing.

Aura Quartz – Celestial: Indium Bonded Quartz; Promotes empathy, aligns Chakras, improves communication, helps clear the mind, gives sense of unity

Aura Quartz – Rainbow: Titanium Bonded Quartz – Encourages inner child & to have fun, reminds us to enjoy life, removes negativity

Aura Quartz – Raspberry: Platinum & Gold Bonded Quartz; Protection from negativity, enhances passion, promotes unconditional love

Aura Quartz – Rose: Platinum Bonded Quartz; dissolves self-doubt, encourages self-love, helps balance hormones, soothes inflammation & burns, stimulates heart & pineal glands

Aura Quartz – Ruby: Platinum, Gold & Silver Bonded Quartz; Brings love, passion, vitality to you and your relationships, helps release anger and frustration, stimulates energy & vitality

Aurichalcite: Balances & energises aura/chi energy, helps with mental & emotional spiritual problems, helps speak your mind and speak one’s truth, helps spiritual communication

Aventurine - Green: Balance, regulates growth, prosperity, enhances creativity, promotes emotional tranquillity, enhances positive attitudes, releases old habits & patterns, absorbs electromagnetic fog & environmental pollution

Aventurine – Red: assists you in enduring difficult times, helps with determination to complete a project, give you the strength and vitality to overcome most obstacles, increases creativity

Azurite: clears worries & tension, opens mind to new perspectives, stimulates inner-vision, and is good for psychic & intuitive development **WARNING** Toxic do not put in water or mouth

Azurite Malachite: Soothes & calms emotions, helps balance aura & Chakras, helps treat physical, emotional & spiritual trauma, helps withdraw from addictive behaviours or emotions **WARNING** Toxic do not put in water or mouth

Beryl - Golden: Seer stone, used for scrying, promotes purity of being, teaches independence, helps manifest potential into reality

Beryl – Blue: helps deal with stress, helps shed unwanted emotional baggage, helps mental clarity and focus, encourages a positive outlook, relieves anxiety & depression

Bloodstone: enhances creativity, strengthens intuition, grounding, protection, root Chakra, reduces emotional stress, increases courage, gives strength & stamina in stressful times

Boji Stone: Grounding but full of energy, link to Gaia (Mother Earth), excellent for past life work, helps to transfer energy from the etheric to the physical body, always use in male/female pairs

Bronzite: brings mental & emotional serenity, shields against negativity and protects against curses/evil eye, helps decisive actions, helps restore composure, helps overcome stress.

Calcite: stimulates memory, helps retain information, helps with cleaning out your life, increases energy, enhances learning abilities, protects against negative energies

Calcite – Gold/Honey: boosts memory, helps retain information, encourages responsibility, increases self-worth, self-confidence and helps emotional recovery from trauma or abuse

Calcite – Green: enhances self-acceptance, renewed sense of purpose, helps balance mind, body, heart & spirit, boosts vitality & enthusiasm

Calcite – Lemon: stimulates intellect & organises thoughts, boosts self-worth, self-confidence & personal power, attracts prosperity & good luck, helps with hormone imbalances

Calcite – Optical: Increases & amplifies energy, helps with learning & healing, helps to protect, ground, centre & bring inner peace, promotes creativity & imagination

Calcite - Orange: stimulates energy, builds confidence, reduces depression, stress & fears, quietens the mind, aids in releasing karmic negative energies

Calcite - Red: cleanses negative vibrations, increases energy & vitality, creates serene & joyful atmosphere

Calcite – Yellow: Helps stimulate & organise thoughts & information, increases personal power, hope & sense of self-worth, helpful in psychic abilities, restores balance in solar plexus Chakra

Carnelian: restores & increases vitality, overcomes reserves, increases fertility, motivation for success, increases motivation & confidence, attracts luck, prosperity & money in business, detoxifies against alcohol or drugs, helps break bad habits

Celestite: improves relationships, connects with Angelic realm, relieves stress, anxiety & obsessive behaviours, brings harmony & balance, calms the mind and aids meditation

Celestite - Blue: opens throat Chakra, soothes nerves, sharpens the mind, promotes communication, heightens telepathic abilities, enhances honesty

Chalcedony: encourages expressional of emotional needs, brings peace & calm, promotes emotional honesty, helps relieve grief, helps to balance emotions.

Chalcedony - Blue: stimulates learning, promotes mental flexibility, encourages reflection & meditation, helps overcome stage fright or public speaking

Charoite: Detoxifies and cleanses the body and aura, helps dispel nightmares, assists in giving unconditional love, helps you to overcome fears accelerates spiritual growth & transformation

Chrysocolla: Releases unresolved grief, aids in releasing stress & anxiety, links you to earth’s awareness, helps communication with goddess powers, guides you to your inner wisdom

Chrysoprase: soothing, encourages positive solutions, unlocks blocked emotions, enhances relaxing sleep, aids in public speaking, calms, balances & boosts self-esteem

Chrysoprase – Lemon: Encourages feelings of trust & security, helps with wisdom & self-confidence, releases emotional tension & stress, helps with depression, wards off nightmares

Citrine: brightens dull areas, brings energy, helps hear intuition, encourages happiness, enhances self –esteem – belief, attracts money, removes & cleanses negative energies, encourages mental clarity & creativity, protects & shields against negativity

Coral: Protection from negativity, enhances transformation, enhances friendships and creativity, balances emotional & mental thoughts, promotes speaking the truth

Danburite: enhances psychic ability, stimulates intellect, memory & brain functions, helps protect against negativity, brings joy, laughter & happiness

Dendritic Opal (Merlinite): Attracts good luck, stimulates intuition & psychic knowledge, helps clear communications Helps balance masculine & feminine & work with the dark side, helps to contact higher bodies, elementals, spirit guides & teachers

Desert Rose: Gives clarity to your thoughts, helps connect you to your higher self, good for meditation, increases your self-worth and self-confidence, boosts your relationships with friends

Dumortierite: Enhances empathy, activates the 3rd eye, assists in opening psychic awareness and learning inner guidance, helps with learning and mental discipline.

Emerald: Symbol of love & hope, brings wearer reason & wisdom, increases spiritual awareness, protects from harmful spirits, while travelling & from negative energies

Epidote: Enhances spiritual growth, helps spread healing energy, especially after an argument, calms & soothes emotions, helps with emotional healing, enhances relationship with nature

Fluorite: protection, dispels electromagnetic stress, encourages quick thinking, helps retain Information, aids concentration, removes negative energies

Fluorite – Banded: grounding & harmonising spiritual energy, heightens mental abilities, auric & Chakra cleansing, absorbs environmental negative energies, shields from psychic manipulation

Fluorite – Blue: Aids in communication, brings calm, inner peace & serenity, brings spiritual awakening, clears communication between spiritual & physical planes

Fluorite - Green: dissolves negativity, cleanses purifies & re-energise atmospheres, grounds & absorbs excess energy, cleanse & renews Chakras, shields from psychic manipulation

Fluorite – Octagons: Helps you to give/receive unconditional love, promotes forgiveness, compassion & empathy, assists in mental abilities, information retention & mental clarity

Fluorite - Purple: removes & purifies negative energies, focuses energies, enhances mental abilities & creativity, stimulates 3rd eye Chakra, shields from psychic manipulations

Fuchsite: Opens intuitive thoughts & visions, helps calm overactivity & stress, helps connect with inner self, spirit guides & elemental beings

Galena: Protects against radiation, helps recover from addictions, used in past life regression therapy, brings strength & courage when facing difficult times, helps overcome deepest fear **WARNING** Toxic do not put in water or mouth

Garnet: enhances passion, boosts & revitalises energy, protects when travelling, releases & protects from bad karma, brings abundance, prosperity & realisation of dreams & hopes

Goldstone: Renews strength & balances energies, grounding, encourages faith & happiness, stabilises mood & emotions, blocks negative energies, helps attain set goals

Goldstone – Blue: encourages motivation, confidence and ambition, boosts wisdom, courage and energy, assists with learning & communication

Goldstone – Red: Promotes vitality and self-confidence, encourages a positive attitude, dissolves anxiety, protects from negativity, helps restore balance of thoughts when feeling lost

Hematite: grounding, protection, dispels negativity, protects soul, helps with restful sleep, stabilises, protects & grounds aura, brings mental organisation, balances mind, body & spirit, relieves anxiety & stress, boosts self-esteem & self-confidence

Herkimer Diamond: Are manifestations of pure spiritual light, aids in psychic visions, good for dream recall, aids in angelic communication, aids in astral & interdimensional travel, help soothe & calm the mind, good for meditation

Hiddenite: Encourages growth, awakens & attracts true love, helps dissolve blockages in a stale relationship, helps express emotions, shields aura from negativity

Howlite: increases memory, enhances desire for learning, calms mind & emotions, strengthens creativity & self-expression, helps relieve attachments & emotional pain

Iolite: Provides self-assurance & endurance, helps recover balance from lack of motivation & distractions, helps with creativity & self-expression

Jade: Encourages peace & unconditional love, protects & nurtures, brings good luck & abundance, creates harmony, restores emotional balance, dispels negative thoughts builds self-confidence & self-worth

Jade – Lemon: Inspires wisdom, practicality & moderation, enhances emotional balance, feelings of compassion & empathy, promotes strength & self-esteem

Jade – Nephrite (NZ): calms the nerves, enhances deep & restful sleep, balances emotions, helps with decision making, meditate with for emotional or psychic answers to problems

Jadeite: Brings peace, helps harness creativity and spiritual awareness, boosts emotional healing, brings abundance & good luck, increases trustworthiness in yourself & others

Jasper: Helps be conscious of nature & our surroundings, grounding & stability, provides security, strength & healing, protection from negativity

Jasper – Black: Shields against threats, curses & negative energies, helps with Astral travel & dreams, grounds & stabilises aura, aligns Chakra energies, helps give up long term addictions

Jasper - Brecciated: Grounding & protection, increases vitality, self-confidence & creativity, helps with long term addictions, helps to deal with conflict or crisis

Jasper - Brown: brings stability & balance, relieves emotional stress, dissolves fear, anger or panic, protects against negativity, clears & protects aura, good for grounding & meditation

Jasper – Calligraphy: Helps access Akashic records, helps with past life recall, helps boost courage and inner strength, helps with angelic/spiritual guide communications

Jasper – Chocolate: enhances determination, grounding and protection during aura or spiritual workings, relieves stress & enhances energies especially after illness

Jasper – Dalmation: Helps give up long term addictions, brings self-confidence & joy of life, has a calming influence on people & animals, strengthens family bonds & friendships, protects & heals the aura and Chakra energies

Jasper – Dragons Blood: Promotes courage, strength & vitality, enhances love, forgiveness & compassion, clears electromagnetic & environmental pollution

Jasper – Fancy: Helps overcome insomnia & other sleep disorders, helps relieve mental fear & worry caused by overthinking things, helps to ground and organise thoughts, helps in problem solving

Jasper – Flower: brings joy and vitality, brings balance between adventure and recklessness, helps to bring balance between inner calm and outer turmoil, balances good and bad thoughts.

Jasper – Green: Helps promote sleep & ward off nightmares, helps with OCD and other addictive disorders, strengthens self-control, helps promote happiness & balances emotions

Jasper – Kambaba: Protects, calms & soothes the minds & restores balance to body & spirit, helps release negative thoughts, alleviates stress & induce tranquillity

Jasper – K2: (Granite & Azurite) grounding and stabilising of thoughts and feelings, helps bring spiritual enlightenment, helps with spontaneous fun and enjoyment, seeker of universal truth.

Jasper – Leopard Skin: Soothes emotional stress, aids in shamanic spiritual journey, aids in spiritual communication, boosts strength, endurance and self-esteem, reduces stress/anxiety

Jasper - Mookaite: Helps bring strength & vitality, helps accept change & brings new experiences, increases self-worth & self-confidence, helps to overcome procrastination, helps calm the mind

Jasper – Ocean: Brings peace & tranquillity, helps to let go of emotions or situations, brings strength & renewal, eliminates negativity & restores the aura, releases anger & clears emotional blockages

Jasper – Picture: Brings comfort & alleviates fear, brings hidden emotions to the surface, good for overcoming writers block, helpful in business pursuits, stimulates the immune system

Jasper – Polychrome: Support during time of stress, promotes tranquillity and transformation, helps with dreams, dream recall and shamanic journeys, absorbs negative energies

Jasper – Rainforest: Connects you to Gaia (Mother Nature) helps with making life changes, helps you to connect to elemental beings & nature spirits, brings mind, body & spirit balance

Jasper - Red: Stimulates energy, absorbs negativity, encourages resolve, calms emotions & helps set boundaries, helps balance & stabilise aura, enhances dream recall if under your pillow

Jasper – Royal Plum: calms emotions, focuses energies, neutralises negative energies, increases memory, helps with studying spiritual path & connecting with archangels or deities

Jasper – Silver leaf: Helps restore vitality after illness, encourages will-power, provides protection from negativity, helps to relax and promotes tranquillity, helps to balance the yin & yang in you

Jasper – Snakeskin: Shield from psychic attacks, protects against negativity and negative outlooks, helps with dream recall and dream healing, boosts energy & vitality

Jasper – White: Brings hope & joy, the stone of new beginnings, brings tranquillity & serenity during times of great stress, brings mind/body balance

Jasper – Yellow: Protection, eases emotional stress, releases toxins & helps with stomach issues, provides inner strength & mental clarity, reflects jealousy & shields from gossip, brings energy & enthusiasm to life & relationships

Jasper – Zebra: Grounding & calming stone, helps focus energy when feeling scattered, helps boost physical energy & endurance, helps with creativity, unites male/female energies

Jet: Gives physical, mental & spiritual guidance, enhances balance & harmony, protects against negativity, alleviates fears & phobias, inspires to reinvent yourself & achieve goals

Kunzite: shields from unwanted energies, disperses negative energies, stimulates healing communion between heart & mind, helps relieve stress, brings comfort to children

Kyanite – Black: Unblocks stagnant energies, helps the Chakras & aura, helps with grounding & energising the body, opens lines of communication

Kyanite - Blue: reduces fears, encourages truth speaking, aids meditation, encourages creative self-expression, dispels energy blocks anger & frustration, increases psychic abilities & intuition, able to align all Chakras

Labradorite: deflects unwanted energies, removes fear & insecurities, shields & strengthens aura, protects against negativity & misfortune, assists in reducing anti-social, reckless or Impulsive behaviour, helps awaken inner spirit, intuition & psychic abilities

Lapis Lazuli: releases stress, promotes serenity, promotes mental clarity, boosts self-confidence, stimulates the mind, helps you to express thoughts & opinions, aids in psychic development & intuition, stimulates wisdom & good judgment

Larimar: cools temper, relieves stress & anxiety, promotes relaxation, serenity & tranquillity, guides excess passion, reduces frequency & intensity of hot flushes

Lazulite: Helps with headaches & migraines, aids in past life problem solving, enhances dream recall, aids in other dimension attunement, stimulates 3rd eye chakra, helps activate psychic activities/abilities.

Lepidolite: clear & absorb electromagnetic pollution, dispels negativity, reduces mental fears, stress & anxiety, enhances inner healing, calms unrestful sleep, helps relax, calm & balance emotions, encourages independence & self-worth

Magnetite: Strengthens the aura, awakens hidden potential, good for grounding, aligns aura field, balances male/female energies, helps balance emotions

Malachite: Absorbs & protects negative energies, relieves depression stress & tension, aids in sleep, promotes business success, protects against travel problems such as phobias in flying or fear or traffic accidents **WARNING** Toxic do not put in water or mouth

Moldavite: Activates the heart Chakra, accelerates a persons’ personal & spiritual evolution, amulet of good fortune, protection & fertility, brings harmony to relationships, helps to release the past

Molybdenite: Aids through healing dreams, joins everyday self with higher self, helps you get in touch with your darker self, sharpens and focuses the mind, recharges chakra points

Moonstone: soothes stress & anxiety, calms & balances emotions, encourages open mindedness, helps new beginnings, protects when traveling, promotes love, caring & compassion

Moonstone – Peach: Stimulates mind & emotions, soothes worry & anxiety, emotional support, promotes love, caring & compassion

Moonstone – Rainbow: Enhances feelings, desires & expectations, heighten psychic abilities, enhances feminine energies, diffuses energy throughout the Chakras, clears mind & aids in restful sleep

Morganite: Brings divine love and compassion, opens you to cosmic love and acceptance, releases old pain and sorrow, increases self-confidence

Obsidian – Apache Tears: Shields aura from negative energies, assists with psychic attunement, powerful grounding & protection stone, helps overcome grief and old emotional injuries.

Obsidian - Black: Protection, shields negative forces, blocks geopathic stress, encourages optimism, cleans psychic smog from your aura, grounding, aids healing from past lives, helps remove negativity, fear, resentment & stress

Obsidian – Blue: Stimulates & enhances communication, aids in psychic communication & development, protection stone for sensitive & psychic people, helps clear a cluttered mind

Obsidian – Green: Opens & purifies the heart & throat Chakras, enhances calm, peace & relaxation, relieves stress, protects from nightmares and promotes better sleep, enhances self-confidence

Obsidian – Mahogany: Removes energy blocks, protects from psychic attacks, strengthens & protects aura, promotes positive thinking & self-worth, promotes prosperity & abundance

Obsidian – Rainbow: Encourages optimism and hope, helps remove mental blocks, is used on psychic meditations to clear out pain, sorrow and blackness from within.

Obsidian - Snowflake: Calms, release negative thinking, helps balance mind, body & spirit, heals & releases energy blockages, promotes inner peace

Onyx: Reduces stress worries & fears, promotes self-control, stamina & vigour, inner wisdom, can be used for scrying and magical work, talisman of strength & self-mastery

Onyx – Banded: Brings happiness, good fortune & strength, helps ease mental & emotional stress, helps bring self-control & self-discipline, soothes nervousness & anxiety

Opal: Inspires love, hope, luck & happiness, soothes & clears the emotional body, boosts enthusiasm & creativity, transformation of life, feelings & desires

Opalite: Improves communication, removes Chakra & meridian blockages, stabilises emotions, alleviates depression & anxiety, helps open 3rd eye Chakra

Orpiment (Realgar): releases energy blockages, must be used with a grounding stone to match the high energy vibrations, connects you with spirit guides, helps you with life path decisions

Peacock Ore: Stimulates creativity, helps align chakras, helps think of new ways to deal with stress & blockages, encourages happiness & joy of life feelings

Peridot: Tonic for mind & body, dispels stress, fear, guilt & anxiety, helps with addiction withdrawal, wards against nightmares & promotes peaceful sleep

Picasso Stone: Helps with mediation & writers block, helps ground & soothe emotions, helps to celebrate & enjoy life, help stability during life changes, helps with strength & self-discipline

Pietersite: Helps resolve conflicts, discharges negative energies & emotional turmoil, increases focus on life goals, enhances meditation & Astral travel

Prehnite: enhances meditation & relaxation, balances & enhances chakra energy, helps with mental clarity, enhances relationship bonding

Preseli Bluestone (Stonehenge): Enhances spirituality, helps develop psychic gifts, aids in meditation and grounding, helps stimulate willpower & courage

Pyrite: Brings confidence, vitality & stimulates ideas, shields against negative energies & emotional attacks, **WARNING** Toxic do not use in water and wash hands if they touch it wet

Quartz - Clear: Amplifies energy, regulates energy flow, cleanses water, enhances creativity & inspiration, focuses the mind, boosts concentration, enhances healing or spiritual growth, protects against negativity

Quartz – Crackled: promotes fun & joy of life, helps release the inner child, helps you find your inner happiness and peace,

Quartz – Elestial: Helps connect to Angelic realm, provides comfort & support, helps removes blockages & fears, powerful emotional cleaners, helps remove toxic thoughts & energies

Quartz – Golden Healer: Powerful healing crystal, raise a person’s energy vibrations or frequency aiding in spiritual communication, promote calm, peace and enjoyment of life

Quartz – Lemon: Aids in concentration, reduce stress & anxiety, helps structure & focus thoughts, helps balance & strengthen communication, clarity & happiness

Quartz – Lemurian Seed: Awakens spiritual gifts, helps overcome loneliness & depression, helps gain access to ancient Lemurian knowledge & wisdom, offers emotional/spiritual healing

Quartz – Lithium: Natural anti-depressant, cleanses chakras, purify water, help heals plants and animals, help reaching into past lives and heal ancient anger, grief or negativity

Quartz – Red: removes negativity, helps you to enjoy life, to see the positive, dissipates jealousy, anger and greed, helps to align the chakras

Quartz - Rose: Removes negative energy, promotes loving environments, attracts love peace & happiness, heals emotions, strengthens empathy & sensitivity, promotes self –love –trust-worth, reduces tension, aids forgiveness

Quartz – Rutilated: Assists with mental clarity, attracts love & stabilises relationships, energises & balances Chakras, increases self-esteem & self-reliance, good for all spiritual workings

Quartz - Smokey: Neutralises negative energy, blocks geopathic stress, enhances own self-image, aids meditation, relieves stress, reduces fear & depression, protects aura, Chakras & during Astral travels, good for grounding & centring during mediation

Quartz – Strawberry: good for past life recall, meditation to meet spirit guides, strong healing vibration, aids in spiritual development, use in heart chakra

Quartz – Tourmalited: Heals emotional, mental & spiritual wounds, energises the Chakras, aids clear thinking & emotional clarity, promotes & amplifies positive energy, psychic shield & dispels negative energies or entities

Rhodochrosite: Heals emotional wounds, encourages acceptance & self-love, releases pain & trauma of childhood, unblocks Solar Plexus Chakra, inspires creativity & inner child

Rhodonite: Reduces stress, stimulates energy, balances emotions, encourages peace & goodwill towards others, nurtures inner self & emotional health, releases anger, self-destruction & resentments, protects against envy, jealousy & negativity

Rhyolite: enhances self-esteem -worth -respect, enhances healing of old emotional wounds, promotes inner strength, helps you navigate changes and challenges in life, helps us have a greater understanding of ourselves and our potential in this life-time.

Ruby: Sexual attraction, stimulates heart Chakra, talisman of passion, protection & prosperity, enhances passion, commitment & closeness

Ruby in Fuchsite: aids in bringing value and self-esteem to oneself, encourages courage, strength and passion, helps relieve fears and doubts about the future, increases prana/chi energy

Ruby in Matrix: Amplifies mental, emotional & spiritual energies, increases mental concentration, energises your aura, helps express emotions and show self-love

Ruby in Zoisite: Helps awaken true self, promotes zest for life, enhances growth & fertility, boosts life force and, courage and passion, helps overcome & release repressed grief and fear

Sapphire: Helps with learning, mental clarity, self-awareness & inner peace, helps accomplish goals & manifest ideas, helps calm & focus the mind, enhances love, commitment & fidelity

Sardonyx: Promotes integrity, brings happiness, optimism & confidence, attracts good fortune, brings lasting happiness & stability to relationships/friendships, helps protect & ground

Selenite: Creates peaceful space, keeps out bad influences, promotes personal transformation, cleanses the aura of negative build up, opens 3rd eye Chakra

Selenite – Peach: helps accept your inner self, helps with emotional transformation & healing, karmic cleanser & healer, helps ease feelings of rejection, betrayal & alienation

Septarian: Promotes link to earth energies, enhances group/circle cohesiveness, harmonises emotional & mental higher self, aids in public speaking, manifests patience

Seraphinite: helps you reach your highest potential, helps you balance your health & well-being, helps with spiritual development, helps remove negativity & toxic influences

Serpentine: Helps unblock & heal Chakra energies, helps promote Kundalini energies, helps with mediation, helps relieve anger & aggression, stimulates energy

Shiva Lingham: Kundalini activation, helps to recharge chakra system, boosts vitality, help achieve oneness with mind, body and spirit, helps with spiritual awakening

Shungite: Restores emotional balance, protects from negative energies and thoughts, detoxifies physical and auritic bodies, brings spiritual balance, helps healing on a physical level.

Smithsonite: Relieves stress, stimulates immune system, boosts psychic awareness & intuition, restores inner peace & harmony

Sodalite: Stills & cleanses mind, increases relaxation, boosts self-esteem, releases stress, alleviates fear, brings new perceptions, helps communicate true feelings & thoughts, expands awareness during mediation

Specularite: Combats electromagnetic pollution, helps with grounding & earth healing, boosts self-esteem, helps relieve insomnia, helps identify our special talents

Stilbite: Enhances creative energy, helps relieve anger, frustration & mood swings, helps overcome fear & loss, helps with psychic guidance & intuition

Sugilite: Helps compromise to difficult situations, wisdom & spiritual devotion, helps to live in one’s own truth, attracts healing energies, connects the mind, body & spirit

Sunstone: Brings personal power, freedom & expanded consciousness, encourages independence, relieves fear & stress, protects against negativity and phobias, restores vitality, enjoyment of life & increases self-esteem

Tanzanite: Helps balance mood & behaviour, encourages a slower paced life, enhances intuitive abilities, helps you take control of your life, helps you to create the life you want

Tektite: Helper stone for spiritual communication, grounding energy, helps with addiction withdrawals, good for astral and spiritual travel

Tiger Eye: Grounds & balances emotions, enhances insight, promotes clarity of thoughts, attracts luck & good fortune in travel, boosts will power, emotional stability & energy levels

Tiger Eye – Blue: Wards off nightmares, aids in deeper insight & awareness, increases sensory gifts, helps with inner self communication

Tiger Eye – Red: Inner strength, courage and self-confidence, encourages enthusiasm & motivation, speeds up slow metabolism & increases sex drive

Tiger Iron: Increases self-confidence, helps with mind focus and clarity, helps ground, gives you strength, courage & stamina, enhances vitality, helps overcome self-sabotage

Topaz - Clear: Clears stagnant or stuck energy, brings awareness of karmic energies, purifies emotions, enhances spiritual development

Topaz - Golden: Recharges spirit, relieves nervous exhaustion, promotes inner awareness & communication, develops intuition, promotes creativity & intention

Tourmaline - Black: Protection from negative energies & electromagnetic emissions, psychic shield, helps purify & neutralise negative thoughts, helps channel healing & light through your energy centres or Chakras, relieves jet lag

Tourmaline – Blue: Helps with decision making, teaches you value of intuition, focuses your personal power, enhances clairvoyance, boosts communication

Tourmaline - Green: Healing, growth, balance, heals all matters to do with the heart, encourages courage & strength, attracts luck, success, abundance & prosperity, heals holes in aura

Tourmaline – Pink: Infuses self with love & spirituality, encourages compassion & gentleness, releases stress, depression & anxiety, helps to relieve travel sickness

Tourmaline – Watermelon:  calms fear and worry, harmonises the mind, spirit and body in emotional dealings, awakens the higher heart chakra, brings joy of life happiness

Turquoise: Helps recovery from disease, removes pollutants, promotes protection, wisdom & nobility, provides protection when traveling, enhances self-acceptance, self-forgiveness & releases regret, relieves depression, anxiety and exhaustion **WARNING** Toxic do not put in water or mouth

Unakite: Heals mind & heart, resonates with love, kindness & compassion, helps release deep seated emotions, promotes patience & persistence, good for overcoming addictions

Zeolite: Absorbs toxins & odours, helps attune reiki energies & enhances reiki energies, removes negative energies, helps with addictions, withdrawal and bloating

Zoisite: The stone of return, of putting yourself first and doing what you need to do. Aids in detoxifying the body and helps recovery after sickness, stress, grief or defeat. Helps against fears.

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