Cleaning Crystals

Crystals absorb energies from their surroundings. Energies from people, homes, cars, from visitors and even electrical items in your home or workplace. These energies can be good or bad, positive or negative. A build up of these energies can reduce the positive effects of a crystal. Negative energies can be passes onto you instead of positive, protective stones can lose their ability to protect you as well as they once did.

Crystals that are used daily should be cleaned and energised regularly to keep optimum energies being emitted or absorbed. If crystals are not used regularly, then they should be cleaned before they are used. Cleaning crystals can take anywhere from a few minutes to a day depending on what method you used.

Please check if the crystal you are cleaning is toxic (such as malachite), as when in water toxins can be transferred more easily and check to make sure they are not water soluble (such as selenite).

Clusters/Roughs – Citrine is a self-cleaning crystal and as such can be placed among other crystals to clean them. Placing individual crystals in clusters also cleans them but more slowly.

Crystal/Herb Elixir Spray – Sprays made from crystal or herb elixirs or commercial herb sprays such as white sage can be used by giving the crystals a light misting of the elixir and then left to air dry before touching.

Flowing Water – Holding the crystal in your hands and have someone pour spring or filtered water over the crystals, allowing the negative energies to flow from the crystals down the drain. Allow to dry in the sun. Ocean, creeks, streams or rivers can also be used this way.

Rice/Salt/Soil – These work equally effective, depending on which you prefer. Place the crystals in a bowl that has been filled with soil or salt. Leave them in the bowl for 4-12 hours until you feel that they are clean.

Salt water – In a bowl, dissolve Sea or Himalayan salt. Place crystals in the bowl fully covered with water for an hour. Rinse the crystals with spring or filtered water and allow to dry in the sun.

Smudging – You can use either smudge sticks, incense resin or incense sticks of sage. Holding the crystal in your fingers, pass the crystal through the smudge smoke for a couple of minutes or until you feel that the crystal is clean. If you have a large group of crystals to cleanse, you can use a smudge feather to wave the smoke over the crystals.

Sound – Resonating sound such as bells, singing bowls or even a meditation chant can be used to clean crystals.

Visualisation – Place yourself into a meditative state and visualise a white light being drawn down into your body through the crown/top of your head, through your body and into your hands. This energy leaves your hands and enters the crystal resting in your hands. This is the universal energy cleaning and restoring the energy into your crystal.

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