The Chakras and Crystals

The chakras are energy centers found throughout the body. A single colour is associated with each chakra, and like crystals, they need to be cleaned and balanced to be able to work. There are more chakra centres in the body, but these 7 are the main ones that people need to work on.

To clear and balance chakras, you need to work from the Root Chakra up to the Crown Chakra. When working with Chakras and chakra clearing, always use a grounding crystal at your feet to ground and protect you while doing the cleansing. YouTube videos on Chakra Clearing and Balancing are great for both the music and the information that some of them present. There are many ways to balance the chakras and there is no wrong way, just what feels comfortable to you.

The way I like to clear and balance my chakras, is to place the respective crystals on my body to the map shown below. First concentrating on the root chakra, imagine an energy disk just below the stone. In my mind, I flick this disk to make it spin. If it is already spinning, make sure that it is spinning smoothly. If it is not running smoothly, imagine running a feather over the top to clear it. Once the root chakra is spinning smoothly, move onto the next chakra until they are all spinning in harmony.



Root Chakra – Red - Keywords: Basic trust

The root chakra is found at the base of the body. The root chakra represents: energy, motivation, groundedness, practicality, survival needs and your connection to the Earth. Crystals that can be used at the root chakra can be Garnet, Ruby and Red Jasper.

Sacral (Navel) Chakra – Orange - Keywords: Sexuality & Creativity

The sacral chakra is found just below the navel (belly button). The sacral chakra represents: creativity, exploration, sensation, pleasure, sensuality, flow, repair and enjoyment. Crystals that can be used at the sacral chakra could include Carnelian, Aragonite & Orange Calcite.

Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow - Keyword: Confidence, Wisdom, Power

The solar plexus chakra is in the soft tissue just under the breastbone. The solar plexus chakra represents: personal power, control, understanding, digestion, sustenance, integrity and confidence. Crystals that can be used at the solar plexus chakra include Citrine, Yellow Topaz and Yellow Calcite

Heart Chakra – Green - Keywords: Love & Healing

The heart chakra is in the centre of your chest, over your heart. The heart chakra represents: relationships, balance, space, growth, love, affinity and calmness. Crystals that may be used with the heart chakra are Aventurine, Emerald and Jade.

Throat Chakra – Blue - Keyword: Communication

The throat chakra is found on the front of the neck at the base of the throat. The throat chakra represents: communication, expression, energy exchange, peace and understanding. Crystals that may be used with the throat chakra can be Turquoise, Sodalite and Blue Lace Agate.

Third Eye (Brow) Chakra – Indigo - Keyword: Awareness

The third eye chakra is found at the centre of the brow above the eyes. The third eye chakra represents: comprehension, perception, sense of perspective, vision, intuition and psychic development. Crystals for the third eye include Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli and Dumortierite.

Crown Chakra – Violet - Keyword: Spirituality

The crown chakra is found just at the top of the head. This crown chakra represents: integration, coherence, sense of belonging and spiritual ease. Crystals for use in the crown chakra can be Amethyst, Charoite and Sugilite.


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